Tyga Accused of Stealing Newest Song

[eltd_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”black” background_color=””]W[/eltd_dropcaps]ith mainstream rappers trying to remain innovative and relevant within the eyes of their younger fans, this desire to constantly “be on top” sometimes comes at a cost for upcoming artists. Soundcloud, the popular online audio distribution platform, has become the central hub for underground artists. Independent artists have the ability to share their music and create a fan base through the platform. Despite the sometimes negative stigma of being a “Soundcloud rapper” and the jokes that come along with that title, mainstream artists along with their team often keep their pulse on the Soundcloud beat, in search of inspiration from their lesser-known counterparts.


On October 4th, EMPIRE, a music publishing and distribution company, tweeted out the release of “Boss Up”. The single will be part of Tyga’s upcoming album. After the posting of the tweet, TheFame, an up and coming artist and producer from New Jersey, responded to the tweet claiming that the Last King’s latest release was indeed a rip-off from a song that he had released a year ago titled “Pink Skies”.


[eltd_blockquote text=”“Yo fuck you empire & fuck you @Tyga cause I KNOW you took my song & you’re saying nothing can’t be done about it?! fuck you”” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]


A few moments later, Tyga responded with his own tweets, refuting the claims that he had stolen TheFame’s song and insisting that “great minds think alike” due to both parties sampling the song “Score” by singer-songwriter JMSN.



“never heard ur song until now. We used the same sample. Great minds. Great Ideas.”


Tyga’s tweet has since been removed and in response to the allegations, TheFame’s management has sent out a press release addressing the issue.


[eltd_blockquote text=”“Pink Skies currently sits just above 80k listens on Soundcloud as it’s one of his most popular songs…Though we have the ultimate respect for both Tyga and Empire, we just want the credit that TheFame deserves and worked so hard for. Many artists have suffered from these unfair circumstances too often and we want to be the voice for those artists.”” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]


It’s obvious that the songs do boast similarities and it does appear a bit odd that EMPIRE did receive a press kit from TheFame’s management two months before the release of “Boss Up”. However, we cannot prove these allegations true and we do wish that both parties can come to an agreement and give credit where credit is due.


You can listen to TheFame’s “Pink Skies” and Tyga’s “Boss Up” below and let us know in the comments below if Tyga did swipe the song for his own use.


The Fame “Pink Skies”

Tyga “Boss Up”


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