Danger Incorporated: Birds Fly By Night

Atlanta’s favorite Danger Boys: Louie Duffelbags & Boothlord have just announced their debut album Birds Fly By Night, a 9 track EP just in time for Halloween season. This album marks the follow up to the ATL duo’s spooky discography including their SoundCloud introduction Are You Afraid Of The Danger Boys? and World Wide Web which was revealed on October 31st last year.


The album’s single ‘Ashley Olsen’ has racked up over 20k plays and pays homage to Olsen twins in an alternative R&B kind of way. This is the most vulnerable we’ve seen Danger on any of their projects. On the track ‘Change Me’ Louie Dufflebags yearns to the listener that “they don’t know what to think of me” and that is exactly the kind of reception they’ve been used to. With unorthodox melodies and constant reppin’ of Atlanta, the Danger Boys demand your attention on their debut Album.


Lose yourself in Danger Incorporated’s Birds Fly By Night in the stream below.




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