Up & Comer AZA, Brings Us New Prolific Single, “Drugs” (Feat. ådub) (Prod. By Mikuda)

Drugs on AZA!


AZA (Pronounced how it’s spelled) is an up and coming artist out of Salt Lake City, Utah who’s been shaking up his scene back home and is now ready to push things even further with his new single, “Drugs.” AZA’s music style is heavily influenced by some of the greats as he lists a couple he grew up listening to;

“Lauryn Hill, No Doubt, 311, got heavy into Rage Against The Machine. B.I.G. was HUGE influence on me. Pac, Black Sheep, punk music, alternative rock, reggae, R&B, soul, jazz, a lot of different influences. I just don’t do country haha”

AZA’s unorthodox delivery and high brow lyricism is sure to turn heads as he scoops up his homie, ådub for the lyrical feature and Mikuda for production for a truly amazing tune well worth your listening pleasure. To check out AZA’s “Drugs” for yourself, go ahead and give it a listen in the stream posted below.


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