21 Savage Sits Down & Talks Video Games With Seth Rogan

21 Savage is learning to fly a jet!

Seth Rogen sat down with 21 Savage to discuss a slew of topics in a recent interview with Interview magazine. During the interview, the two discussed 21’s religious upbringing, His motives for rapping as well as Tekken being the first tile that got him into gaming. Check out an excerpt from the interview for yourself and go check out the full interview here.



ROGEN: What do you do when you’re at home? You got a week, [you can] do anything you want, what would you do?

SAVAGE: I would fly my airplane simulator. Take my airplane craft to the airport.

ROGEN: Are you learning to fly?

SAVAGE: Yeah, I got ten hours on my private.

ROGEN: You’re learning to fly a jet?!

SAVAGE: Yeah, you got to start with propellers and then I’m going to go up to jet after that.

ROGEN: Wow, that’s awesome. No one does that. Were you always into airplanes?

SAVAGE: Yeah, I wanted to go to into the Air Force since I was young. That was my dream, but I had behavioral problems so that didn’t work out.

ROGEN: But now you can fly a plane.

SAVAGE: Yeah, I’mma buy my own. That’s why I need you to put me in a big movie role so I can buy a plane. [Rogen laughs]

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