Experience the psychedelic story behind ‘God’ by Chaz Ultra

As I last recall, the idea of the ‘God’ project was in the final stages of it’s making when we started hanging with Chaz. It was some of his proudest work at the time and the latest testament of his abilities, produced entirely by himself — God expresses his current life and love experiences with true of intentions.


After hearing from KV and Newjac about it all week I was excited to finally hear the hyped project. As we linked up late on that summer evening at Georgia State’s student lofts, we were met with some of the best “L” we’ve ever taken in our lives (no exaggeration). As time passed by the effects became more and more intense, as we’re all rolling and getting even higher — taking turns on the gravity bong. About an hour or so into our trip we decided to head downstairs to get a bit of fresh air and too finally experience the new project in the car. We all hoped in the spaceship (my hovering black Nissan) and cranked up the volume. As soon as the first track “Fool” begins we are all swept away by the flanging production as Chaz’s convicting tone take charge of the energy in the car. It was as if we were teleported to a grand stage in front of thousands of people, performing as Chaz Ultra takes it away — I mean we were tripping so hard we thought we’d actually relocated to a performance at Coachella, all through the view of the windshield just to give you a sense of how powerful the vibes were listening to the album at that moment; wishful thinking I know, but it felt more so like a glimpse into the future than a merely psychedelic hallucination. As the project played on each track takes you closer-and-closer into Chaz’s story, ‘God’ sounds of divine vibrations and was quite a beautiful experience.


I got a chance to catch up with Chaz (as he now resides in Denver) and ask a few questions about the project. Check them out down below and be sure to stream the epic remastered project ‘God’ exclusively on HDLSD.


How long did it take you to create the project?


This project was something I made from about February 2015, through about April 2015. It was the first project I did that I considered more of an album than a mixtape. I didn’t have the name of the project while creating it, but when it ended up sounding great with 8 songs, I decided to name it “God”. I had been going through a sort of awakening spiritually, and the 8 songs is sort of like a sideways infinity sign. During this time I had been living in Atlanta, making friends and collaborating with people like my homies here at HDLSD. Nicatina, KV and New Jach were some of the best dudes I had been chilling with in Atlanta and they were one of the first to hear this album. We then went on to do music videos and further projects together and have stayed in touch ever since. HDLSD is my family, I love these guys for life. Beyond it’s creation, I never actually dropped the album, sort of because the word “God” changed meaning to me. But as I am older now and Nicatina was certain people needed to hear this project how he first heard it, I was super excited to remaster it and have him help me get it out finally. The word “God” has since regained a special significance to me. I use it synonymously with “love”.


How have psychedelics influenced your music and did they play a role in the creation of “God”?


When I was creating this project, my homie and frequent collaborator Poszi from Florida had been working with me and making moves all throughout Atlanta with me. He had introduced me even more than I already had been to psychedelics. I was making mostly Atlanta style trap music before hand, but upon taking some super potent Grateful Dead acid in Atlanta, I turned into making calm, yet big and powerful music like this album. I would never make music on acid, I would just listen to what I had created. Acid is what made me discover what God meant to me and I realized that my music was something of nature, rather than something I was doing for recognition. I began to give more of myself and let go to the music and let my destiny take over.


Tell us a little bit about the time when you first played the album for HDLSD.


Nicatina, NewJac and KV had come over to my spot on Edgewood, and I had just recently finished the “God” project. We had planned for them to really just sit down and listen to the shit. I thought that considering the psychedelics were such a big part of the creative process in this album, they should be tripping balls while listening. So I got a strip for all of us, we all went down to Nicatina’s whip, and we came up. At the peak, I started the album for them. After it was done playing, I remember all three of these dudes loving it. We decided that this was the “God” experience. We wanted to find more people to dose up and have them listen to the whole album through haha. I think that this is what made Nicatina so amped to help me re release it after these many years. I know other people from Atlanta who still after all this time have been listening to this unreleased project. Like I said HDLSD is my family. When you trip with anyone, especially like this circumstance, you never lose em.



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