HD Premiere: Chaz Ultra x Trip Rexx – Unforgettable (feat. Emmitt Dupree) (Official Video)

Sous Soul artists Chaz Ultra and Trip Rexx are back at it again in the Wild West.


This time, they are premiering the first official video from their “Outlaws” project right here on HDLSD. “Unforgettable” features frequent collaborator and KROWN Sound frontman, Emmitt Dupree who has been taking over the Phoenix hip-hop music scene. The video aesthetic feels genuinely original, provided by MurkShot, another artistic force to be reckoned with in Arizona. Everybody’s verse in this banger shows an entirely different world and each of their looks fit them perfectly. Chaz’s Mickey Mouse gloves contrast Emmitt’s violent pointing of his machete. Not to mention Trip Rexx’s apparent drinking. In all, the video shows a significant progress in the three rappers young careers and is a testament to how far they have come. Only great things are to be expected from these lyricists.

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