Apparently Future’s Beast Mode 2 Was Nearly Titled, ‘I’m Good Luv, Enjoy’

If only it would’ve stuck! 

In a recent interview Fader conducted with Zaytoven, the super producer revealed that he and Future were actually planning on releasing their collaborative Beast Mode 2 project under the popularized internet meme titled, I’m Good Luv, Enjoy. When questioned about the project’s process, Zaytoven replied, “Everybody was waiting on BEASTMODE 2 so much so it was like, we gotta find some way to throw ‘em off and make it newer.” Zay then added, “”Since everybody had been using that “I’m good luv, enjoy” on the internet we thought that would be the way we gon’ kill ‘em.” Although the beloved meme title wasn’t used, we can only imagine how differently the project would’ve been received in another world..


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