Gaming Is Now Officially The Most Popular Form Of Entertainment In The World

It’s official..

After quite some time of riding the fence of dominance, gaming is now officially the most popular form of entertainment on the planet. More money is collectively spent on video games than movies, books, TV, or any other form of entertainment you can think of. The total gaming revenue over the past year has amounted to a staggering estimated $116 billion, compared to the $105 billion for TV and TV streaming services.


Theorists have hypothesized that the growth could be because of two specific reasons. One being China’s 14% increase in game sales per year on average with the massive increase of Chinese players using Steam. The second reason being Fortnite’s recent success that’s literally been sweeping the globe. The combined efforts of the gaming industry’s powerhouses is working in their favor and will continue to do so as long as the industry continues to evolve.


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