Brockhampton drops new song & video for “STAR”

This week, Brockhampton has surprised us with an extremely captivating new song and video titled “STAR”. The group is preparing the public for the release of their new project Saturation by giving us this incredibly creative and original work of art. The amount of satisfying and extensive visuals in this video combined with the wide-range of melodic vocals make for an overall more than entertaining song and video. To begin, the song itself is primarily upbeat. The beat of the song is slightly strange, eerie yet fast paced, making for a good contrast on this track.

Dom McLennon opens the song with a powerful start and a perfect delivery, which leads right into Ameer Vann’s vicious flow. Kevin Abstract follows, to finish up the rapping portion of the song, which is directly followed by the premise to what sounds like another track on Saturation. This beat is slow and sweet, with a very melancholic feel.

The group is seen completely painted in blue for a majority of the video. Channeling the notorious Blue Man Group to go along with the eerie beat. Along with the already vibrant blue paint, they don’t hesitate to make use of eccentric props like giant pencils, wheelchairs, baby masks, giant crayons, etc. Not to forget the different angled shots and jump cuts, an immature feel of the camera work to go along with the playful guerrilla produced theme, making the video even better. The transition from fast paced mayhem to calm and collected made for a notable ending.

All in all, the creative direction and thought put into this video are greatly appreciated, and made for an enjoyable watch which you can dive into above!

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