Hadiya George’s Rise Will Be Felt by the Whole World

Atlanta singer/songwriter Hadiya George is redefining modern R&B/Soul and with the help of 3 man production trio, 3lo, the outcome is never short of astonishing. With the release of her new EP, BAYVIEW Hadiya demonstrates her knack for writing beautiful melodies and even more compelling verses. Moreover, the subject matter is no exception in her music when delivering thought-provoking songs, and stories that resonate with the soul.



Needless to say, BAYVIEW was an incredible effort and sparked my interest quite a bit. I was able to speak briefly with Hadiya about her new project and ask her a few questions, check them out below:


What was your inspiration(s) for the BAYVIEW project & how Did the title BAYVIEW come about?


Bayview is a project of different emotions.


Bay is a body of water smaller than the ocean and during this project, I considered myself as a bay. Taking a dip into my own pond before I swim in the biggest one.


Literally just getting to know myself getting comfortable with my femininity and becoming a better, kinder more caring individual. Ultimately taking care of Hadiya before I try to be a part of taking care of the world, my view of me. I took a trip to Jamaica in February for a show and while I was there a homeless man inspired me. He told me to get inspired by everything. I knew I was always going to get inspired by everything but he made it more clear. While we were sitting along side the ocean near a tree he said “When you write consider everything you see. How the leaves connect to the branches and how the sound of the waves crashing  onto the roots of that tree, is your inspiration. Paint this picture and then paint everything that same way.” He was my inspiration named Fredrick J. Morgan. That’s how BAYVIEW came alive.


Then I wrote a song about him that unfortunately didn’t make it on the EP, but will be heard soon.


What was it like working with 3lo crafting your EP? How long did it take you guys?


The men of 3lo have such a unique sound all together as you can tell. But when you hear the individual talent that they possess its almost so crazy how they come together and mash everything up. I love them for being apart of the project and my life honestly because they are really the gems of the century. They are just so creative and so influential. It is an honor working with them every time.


They create sound in space and place everything where it needs to be in the right cadence and their sound is just so comfortable. Truly Genius and its not just their music its all around with those guys. Their connection is hilarious and they mesh so well like brothers. They make me feel like a cool baby sister so encouraging through everything and just so kind.


3lo and I didn’t get to see each other very often due to our schedules but I had my engineer Sherman Trotz and a wonderful highspeed internet connection so we were able to get everything done that way. They would send songs and I would send everything I came up with. We’ve been working on this project since December of 2016 and it took us about 7 months to complete everything.



You have a unique sound to say the least, who are some of your musical influences?


A lot of my musical influence comes from; Walt Disney movies, Destiny’s Child, Tony Braxton, Sade, Bob Marley, Jhene Aiko, J. Cole, Kendrick, Michael, Prince, Mariah and some local artist like, RGM with their Wu-Tang rap style, and Naomi the Goddess with her feel good vibes. I listen to Classical music when I need a mental break. I love Funk, Tokyo Blues, Soul, movie tracks, Country, Hip-Hop, Rock n’ Roll, and pretty much every genre because every genre has so much to offer.


What’s next for Hadiya George?


Next is going harder, going bigger, working on myself as a human to become humble in order to be in such a high and successful position. More music, more visuals, so many collabs, more features, more shows, more looks and everything my team and I can think of, create and be inspired by. “BAYVIEW Live” in mid-September. BAYVIEW Live is where I will be singing all of the songs from BAYVIEW along with some surprise songs that will be on my physical CD, Bayview Carpet Vinyl that I’ll only be selling for a limited time.



One of BAYVIEW’s most notable singles, “Hollywood” set the tone for the EP and also received a well-directed visual as posted above. Hadiya’s new project is available on iTunes here and can be streamed in the player below.



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