Stream Lil’ B’s Highly Anticipated New Mixtape: Black Ken



The Task Force was united early yesterday morning, celebrating the return of the BasedGod with his infamously anticipated “Black Ken” project.  But as is common with the work of Lil B, the rarity was briefly enjoyed by his most watchful of field agents. ultimately fudged the release of Lil B’s ALBUM, the emphasis there so that it is clear that this IS an album that will be initially sold as an iTunes/Apple Music exclusive.  This is the first official musical effort we’ve heard from BasedGod in almost two years and it makes sense that he would want to respect what he has completed by providing an official rollout.  At the time of the error, there were a total of 27 tracks, an impressive but unsurprising show of work ethic.


“Black Ken” is entirely produced by the man himself.  It is also Lil B’s most entertaining, thorough, mature work that he’s ever released.  The “PRODUCED BY THE BASEDGOD INTRO ” is an instrumental preface to to the album’s foundation.  While there are a vast, and equally satisfying selection of tracks ranging from the new pop/hop imprint to his original Pretty Boy swag, the focus on the West Coast sound is distinct.  Someone also, apparently, told Lil’ B that he could let it go on this project.  His raps are not only filled with the same raw emotion responsible for the current climate in Hip-Hop, they have meaning.  There are actual Bars here, and he was not afraid to call out names.  There is a Soulja Boy Diss.  It’s awesome.


We all shouldn’t be so surprised, but the mark that was connected on this album yet again demonstrates the execution of Lil B.  His innovation is what he will be arguably remembered for, but without his unrelenting work ethic the prolific nature of his career would have suffered.  Time makes men of boys, and even though Brandon has long since embraced his productive side, this release could prove integral in cementing his identity as a legend.

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