Kodak Black — Project Baby 2



Project Baby 2 is released out of nowhere, reclaiming Kodak Black’s foothold on the game”


People counted him out, but from the clear blue sky comes Project Baby 2 from no other than Kodak Black. This release follows a tumultuous year filled with every type of controversy, even a small prison stint.  This needed to be a home run for the young rapper, and it seems he recognized this. Whereas “Painting Pictures” strayed from his formula of minimal features, this latest project sees Kodak return to shining on 95% of his tracks. The remaining percent sees guest spots from XXXTENTACION and Offset, both of whom add rather than subtract from the songs. Kodak’s beat selection has always separated him, and his signature drawl is as enthralling as it ever was. For a 19-song long project, there is no strain to play this one all the way through.  Stream it via Apple Music for the time being.

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