MF DOOM Drops New Track, “DOOMSAYER” & Announces He Will Be Dropping A New Song Once A Week For The Next 15 Weeks Straight

The oh so mysterious hip hip enigma that is MF DOOM has made his illustrious return.


The entity himself, MF DOOM has recently partnered up with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim to bring us one new track every week for the next 15 weeks! For anyone who is familiar with how sparingly MF DOOM drops music this is quite huge news as we usually have to wait years in between releases. “DOOMSAYER” is produced by the one and only Alchemist and is exactly what we expect from a collaboration of this magnitude.


To listen to MF DOOM’s “DOOMSAYER” for yourself, go ahead and give it a listen in the player posted below.

K'Val Beckford
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