Meet Smooky MarGielaa, Rap’s Newest & Youngest Prospect

The latest shockwave has come in the form of 15-year old South Bronx native, Smooky MarGielaa.  And, mind you, he’s just turned 15.  Last year was filled with work.  A YouTube search of his name will bring up a page worth of content, all quality and impressive for an artist, much less one his age.  HIs SoundCloud profile slaps too, stacked with bangers viewed thousands of times.


It’s not just his youth creating the sensation.  Sure, his placements on the recent A$AP MOB Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2 could have spiked his recent views, but anyone ready to cry out “One-Hit” should hold their tongue. Smooky’s features on the MOB’s latest release are highlights on an already stacked lineup, and they provided a welcomed contrast to the heavy hitting bars the A$AP Crew is known for.  His auto-tuned delivery is reminiscent of Swae Lee, only he’s 15 and already seeps veteran type confidence through his tracks.  It’s almost a challenge to keep in mind his age, his persona already so matured.


We live a rapid, highly energetic reality.  Desensitization is a mark of our perception, as we don’t always have the time to appropriately process everything we are faced with.  That’s usually the worst of it, because if we at least give it a shot, it’s clear how much of a “Golden Age” we live in.  What’s more is that the opportunity to expand is right at our fingertips.  And because the youth is always cutting-edge, the drastic results of these technologically seismic events manifest in their lives.  We will have a never-ending stockpile of dope if we only keep up with these kids, who have had this advantage their whole lives.  Artists, just like Smooky MarGielaa, are mouthpieces for the experience of having an unlimited reservoir of information/inspiration.


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