Chance The Rapper Is Being Sued For Copyright Infringement

Chance seems to have landed himself in a bit of hot water.


Chance The Rapper is currently facing a copyright infringement case after a jazz musician/composer claims that Chance illegally sampled his work. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that jazz musician, composer, & lawyer Abdul Wali Muhammad’s suit claims Chance sampled his song “Bridge Through Time” without his permission on the track “Windows” from his 2012 debut mixtape, 10 Day. Even though Day 10 technically wasn’t put up for sale at any point, Abdul’s suit still alleges that the project “has received profits from the marketing, promotion and sale of merchandise, performances, tickets to concerts and other performances as a result of.”


Estimates on how much Abdul wants from the suit is still unknown although we’ll be sure to follow up and give you guys any new developments on this particular story.


K'Val Beckford
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