Russ Claps at Complex, Joe Budden and Fake Rappers Everywhere

We hope you have your popcorn, this one should be good.


He’s had a monster year.  After releasing his long-awaited debut “There Really Is a Wolf,” Russ has been touring nonstop while his album has stayed on the charts.  Recently there has been a bit of controversy surrounding the Atlanta native.  Very outspoken, he has not shied away from exposing what lies behind the industry’s veil of marketing.  The rapper made an appearance on Complex Mag’s “Everyday Struggle” where he notched another case of telling it like it is.


Russ took to the platform to air out rappers, bloggers, and practically anyone who claims to be authentic when in actuality, they aren’t.  A day or so afterward, Russ took to Instagram for another controversial stunt of him wearing a shirt bashing the current trend of drug abuse.  As if this wasn’t bold enough, Russ has proceeded with dropping “Think Twice,” a track aimed at Complex in order to make an example of the political shenanigans he is so vehemently against.  The shots are also targeting the faux status of Hip-Hop in general, eliciting a call back to accountability when it comes to the messages artists send to the youth.


Like him or not, Russ surely has something to say, and it’s different from most messages.  His messages are also stirring up conversations we desperately need to have as a community.  Are there too many politics involved in creation?  How do artists represent the culture and lift it up at the same time?  Russ doesn’t claim to have the answers.  He is only unapologetic in his assertion that he is the only rapper calling out the fake.  Some might not agree on his approach, but one thing is clear:  There Really Is a Wolf.



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