Steve Lacy Comes Clean About His Bisexuality On Tumblr & Claims He Doesn’t Date Black Boys

Steve lays it all out there.


Recently, The Internet’s, Steve Lacy took to Tumblr to admittedly announce that he was in fact bisexual. When asked by anonymous user if he’s bisexual or straight Steve calmly responds, “I’m human.” The plot thickens as Steve is asked if he’d ever date a guy to which he responds “sure, why not?”

While most don’t seem to care about the fluidity of Steve’s sexuality, where the eyebrows get raised is when another anonymous user asks Steve, “ok i get that you see it as a preference and your frame of reference in life probably allows you to wholeheartedly believe that but we as humans are socialized to race in ways we can’t fully ever comprehended so don’t you think you owe it to yourself to break down the dynamics that lead you to have a blatantly anti-black preference in partners?


Steve’s answer was quite interesting to say the least stating that, “the reason for it all isn’t anti black…at all. growing up around black males, they were always my competitors ya know? I never viewed or saw myself doing anything sexual with my neighbors..i literally, like I said, see them as brothers. as much as you or whoever thinks this sounds like bs, it’s from a real place. I’m a nigga from compton, I don’t dislike black people, I prefer to live here and be around poc bc I love black people, I’m just not attracted to black boys. that is it. I still love them and want them to do well in life, we just won’t date. sorry”


Reactions up until this point have been mixed while Steve recently decided to delete his Twitter account to avoid imminent backlash to his decision to come out as well as his decision to not date black men.



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