Watch The New MGMT Video For “Little Dark Age”

“MGMT gets creepy right in time for Halloween”


If you’ve ever done any psychedelics and have never listened to MGMT, you’re welcome for the suggestion to do so.  But even if illicit substances aren’t your thing, the groovy band is very much worth your attention.  Their influence crosses genres, with artists such as Kid Cudi, Lana Del Rey, and Frank Ocean referencing the band for inspiration.   What’s more is that the duo has surprised us all with a new single/video released on their VEVO account.  “Little Dark Age” features Gothic imagery paired with a glam rock musical presentation, the result being a nice refreshment of their post-nostalgic calling card.  If this is a sign fans will get a full-length project in the near future, it sure is a welcome one, as we haven’t seen an album from the group since their eponymous “MGMT” project released in 2013.  Get your “spooky” on right in time for Halloween festivities by watching the video below.



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