Q-Tip Shares Unreleased Kendrick Lamar Track, “Want U 2 Want”

Q-Tip & Kendrick Lamar had unreleased music this whole time..


Q-Tip recently shared an old cut featuring himself & Kendrick Lamar on the latest episode of Abstract Radio on Beats 1.  The up beat and incredibly abstract and familiar sound effects thrown in on top of scratching and Kendrick’s serious yet lackadaisical flow all sound pretty fucking nice and seem to blend pretty well. Kendrick’s earlier work always did seem to be a bit more joyful, although being faced with the level of success he’s attained in the past several years it would only make sense that his music would get darker.


To listen to Q-Tip & Kendrick Lamar’s “Want U 2 Want” for yourself, go ahead and give it a listen in the stream posted below.


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